buddha teaching

buddha teaching

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dhammapada quotes


* Now may every living thing, young or old, weak or strong, living near or far, known or unknown, living or yet unborn, may every living thing be full of bliss.

*Mind is fore-runner of (all evils) states. Mind is their chief; and they are mind made. If one speaks or acts with an impure mind, then suffering follows one even as the wheel follows the hoof of the ox.

*Hate is not overcome by hate; by love alone is hate appeased. This is aneternal law.

*Whoever lives contemplating pleasant things, with senses unrestrained, in food immoderate, indolent, inactive, him verily Mara overthrows, as the wind overthrows a weak tree.

*Whoever lives contemplating “the impurities”, with senses restrained, in food moderate, full of faith, full of sustained energy, him Mara overthrows not, as the wind (does not overthrow) a rocky mountain.

*He who wears the yellow robe, without being free from impurity, who is devoid od self-control and truth, is not worthy of it.

*The evil doer laments here, he laments here-after. He laments in both worlds. He laments thinking that he has done evil. He laments even more when he goes to the woeful state.

*By effort, by vigilance, by restraint, by control let the wise man make for himself an island which the flood cannot overwhelm.

*As a bee gathers honey from a flower and flies away without injuring the flower, its colour or its scent, so let the sage wander in the village.

*There is no fire like lust, no crime like hatred. There is no sorrow like the constituents of existence, no happiness higher than tranquility. (Dhammapada verse 202)

*He who walks in the company of fools has to grieve for long time. Association with fools is ever painful, as living with enemy; association with the wise is a pleasure, as living with relatives.

*From attachment arises grief; from attachment arises fear. To one who is free from attachment there is no grief; much less fear. (Dhammapada verse 214)

*One who checks rising anger is like a skillful charioteer who handles a chariot gone out of control. Others are like those who merely hold the reins. (Dhammapada verse 222)

*Whoso in this world destroys life, tells lies, takes what is not given, goes to other's wives, and is addicted to intoxicating drinks, such a one digs up his own roots in this world. (Dhammapada verse 246-247)

*As a big flood carries off a sleeping village, death takes and goes off with the doting man whose mind is set on children and herds.

*The craving of a negligent person grows like a Maluva creeper. He jumps from life to life like a fruit loving monkey in the forest.  (Dhammapada verse 334)

* A man’s joys are always transient, and since men devote themselves to pleasure, seeking after happiness, they undergo birth and decay. (Dhammapada verse 341)

*As the jasmine sheds its withered flowers, even so, O monks, should you totally shed lust and hatred. (Dhammapada verse 377) 

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