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buddha teaching

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Buddha story-betrayal of the saviour

    Long ago in a village called Kashigram lived a farmer.He used to work hard and work in his fields with his bulls.Once after a heavy work session on the field,he decided to rest for sometime.He freed his bulls from the plough and let them graze the grass.He rested under a tree to relax a bit. After sometime the farmer realized that his bulls had disappeared.The bulls entered the forest as they grazed the fields.
     As the day was still bright ,the farmer thought of getting back his bulls back from the forest.The farmer walked into the forest.The forest was dense and the sun light became dim through the thick foliage of forest.The farmer kept searching is bulls but he could trace them.Soon he realized that he has lost the way to his field.He was hungry and tired.He saw a tree laden with delicious fruits ,so he climbed the tall tree .Suddenly his foot slipped and he came down to the ground with a thud from the tall tree.A fall that could kill a man but the farmer survived the fall.He kept there lying down for ten days.
      A great monkey noticed the man lying under a tree .He went near the farmer and asked him,"what has happened here,are u alright?"
       The farmer told him the whole incident and begged him to get him out of this trouble.The Great Monkey supported him to make him walk but he was so weak that he could not take any step.The Great Monkey carried him on his back and traveled through the path.
       The farmer requested to great monkey "You have saved my life.Kindly show me the path out of this jungle."The Great Monkey assured him that he would help him.The Great Monkey was completely exhausted by carrying farmer on his back.He said" I want to sleep for an hour.After that I will carry you forward to your village.But while I am asleep guard me against any lion or elephant or wild beast,otherwise it will kill me."
       The farmer kept a vigil  and the monkey fell asleep.After awhile the farmer felt hungry ,an evil thought arose in his mind.He decided to kill the monkey and eat his flesh and regain his strength to reach home.
       The farmer picked up a big stone lying nearby and banged it on the monkey's head.Fortunately,the farmer was so weak that stone did not hit monkey with force.But the monkey started to bleed from his head.He climbed up on the tree and asked the farmer"Why did you do that?I had asked you to guard my life and instead you want to kill me.I saved your life but you betrayed me".
        The Great Monkey had tears in his eyes but instead of cursing him he blessed him" May you live long.I hope that your sinful act will not bring pain  in your life.I no longer trust you but I want to help you still.I will move from tree to tree and you can follow me from ground.This way you can go out from the jungle."
        The Great Monkey led the farmer to his field and after that vanished in his forest.The farmer reached home .In a couple of days he fell ill and his whole body was covered with pus laden sores.Blood and pus kept oozing from the wounds.No one went near him and he was thrown out of the community.
         He kept walking for few days until he collapsed under a tree in a palace garden.His body was in great agony and he could not move his body.He wished that death would bring relief to his condition.The King was taking a stroll in his garden when he heard his moaning sound.The king saw the man covered in pus lying under a tree.He asked him" Who are you?what has happened to you?"
          The farmer narrated his story in his meak voice.He said to king"I had wanted to kill and eat the monkey who saved my life.I owe him my life.I know all this suffering is only because of that.I want to die,just die....I can't take this pain anymore."
         And as he uttered these words the earth split and swallowed him up.
The Buddha told his listeners that farmer in the story was Devadutta and the Great Monkey is He himself.

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