buddha teaching

buddha teaching

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jataka Story - The king parrot

     Once upon a time there lived thousands of parrot in the jungle, near a village called 
Bamunugama, in Rajagaha. Buddha was born as a parrot,who ruled the flock of these birds
In this village there was a paddy field belonging to a brahmin called Kosiyagotta. When the
 crop was ready for harvest, the brahmin assigned a watchman to guard the paddy field.
      The king parrot and his flock visited the field to eat to their heart content.The watchmen was
 helpless as the flock was too large for him to drive away. Each parrot enjoyed the meal and flied
away but the King parrot every time came and took a mouthful of corn with him as he flied away.
This was surprise for watchmen who informed the brahmin about the King parrot.