buddha teaching

buddha teaching

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jataka Story - The king parrot

     Once upon a time there lived thousands of parrot in the jungle, near a village called 
Bamunugama, in Rajagaha. Buddha was born as a parrot,who ruled the flock of these birds
In this village there was a paddy field belonging to a brahmin called Kosiyagotta. When the
 crop was ready for harvest, the brahmin assigned a watchman to guard the paddy field.
      The king parrot and his flock visited the field to eat to their heart content.The watchmen was
 helpless as the flock was too large for him to drive away. Each parrot enjoyed the meal and flied
away but the King parrot every time came and took a mouthful of corn with him as he flied away.
This was surprise for watchmen who informed the brahmin about the King parrot.

      The brahmin Kosiyagotta was himself surprised at the incident and told the watchman to lay a
 trap for King parrot.The watchman trapped the King parrot and brought him to the brahmin. The 
brahmin was amazed by the beauty of King parrot however he asked him why he was taking away
 mouthful of grains even after eating to his heart content.He asked him whether he had grain store
 or was he angry with him.King parrot replied " O Generous Kosiyagotta, I don't have any grain 
store nor was he angry with him but he took the corn to repay a debt, to lend and to make a 
     "What are you saying,I can't understand",said the brahmin.The parrot clarified"O brahmin, 
I took your paddy for three purposes.There are in my nest my small ones who cant fly to them 
I am lending a loan.I have my parents who are old and disabled now from old age,to them I give 
the paddy to repay my loan.There are many other parrots who are disabled and old and to them 
I share my paddy to build my treasure called charity."
       The brahmin was pleased with the honest attitude of King parrot and he released him from 
captivity, and  allowed him to access his paddy field whenever he wants.The King parrot accepted 
a small portion of the full area and offered the rest of field to Brahmin.
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