buddha teaching

buddha teaching

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Buddha story - Five disciples

       On one occasion, five lay disciples were present while Buddha was expounding the Dhamma at the Jetavana monastery. One of them was asleep while sitting, the second was scratching the earth with his fingers, the third was shaking the tree, the fourth was looking up at the sky. The fifth was the only one who was respectfully and attentively listening to the Buddha. Venerable Ananda, who saw the different kinds of behavior of the five disciples commented, ' Venerable Sir! While you were giving the Dhamma only one out of those five people were listening attentively'. Then Ananda described the different attitudes of the other four to the Buddha and asked why they were behaving thus.
     The Buddha then explained that these people could not get rid of their old habits. In their past existences, the first one was a snake. As a snake usually coils itself up and goes to sleep, so also this man had gone to sleep while listening to the Dhamma. The one who was scratching the earth with his hand had been a subterranean creature. The one who was shaking the tree was a monkey. The one who was gazing up at the sky had been an astrologer and the one who was listening attentively to the Dhamma was learned Brahmin. The Buddha said,' Ananda, you must remember that one must be attentive to be able to understand the Dhamma and that there are many people who cannot understand the Dhamma.'
      Ananda then asked, ' Venerable Sir, what are the things that prevent people from being able to realize the Dhamma?' The Buddha replied,' Ananda, passion, ill will and ignorance are the three things that prevent people from realizing the Dhamma . There is no fire like the fire of lust. Passion burns always and without any break.'

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Buddha story- Story of Angulimal

Buddha story

     Angulimal had murdered numerous people and he had vowed to kill one thousand men.Whenever people learned that Angulimal was hiding nearby they would leave that place. Even the king was afraid of Angulimal. The soldiers were unable to catch Angulimal.
     Buddha was through the forest and people prayed to Buddha not to go through the path as Angulimal was there.They warned Buddha," Please don't go through this path, Angulimal would kill you,he is a cruel monster."
     Buddha told them,"There is nothing to fear.Once I have chosen my path, I will surely go through this.I will see to it that Angulimal kills me or I kill Angulimal."
     Gautama went ahead in the forest. Angulimal was waiting for somebody to come his way.He saw Gautama from a distance,an unarmed monk in a peaceful mood with aura around him coming towards him. Angulimal warned Buddha ," Don't come here, don't proceed further.You are a monk, I take pity on you go back and don't come back here again.I will kill you."

Buddha story-Why can't I get salvation

Buddha story
    Once Buddha was staying at a village.A man came to Buddha and said ," You only talk of salvation and moksha. Every man can get salvation but why doesn't he get it ?"
    Buddha smiled and said," Dear friend, I will respond to your query but first you do one thing for me.You must go to village and ask each and every member, that what is it that they want to get.What is their wish and whatever they want to get in life. Please note it down and bring it to me."
     The man followed the instruction of Buddha and asked each and every resident of village,what was his desire in his life. Everybody told their wishes and the man noted it down.He came back to Buddha and then Buddha asked him," Now you tell me,how many people are interested in salvation and nirvana?" The man was astonished as nobody wanted Nirvana or moksha.
     Buddha said," Oh my dear friend,I do say that everybody can get nirvana but I never said that everybody wants nirvana.If a person doesn't want to purse a thing, it can't be handed over to him forcefully. You have to work on your own salvation nobody else can do it for you."

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dhammapada quotes


* Now may every living thing, young or old, weak or strong, living near or far, known or unknown, living or yet unborn, may every living thing be full of bliss.

*Mind is fore-runner of (all evils) states. Mind is their chief; and they are mind made. If one speaks or acts with an impure mind, then suffering follows one even as the wheel follows the hoof of the ox.