buddha teaching

buddha teaching

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Buddha story-Why can't I get salvation

Buddha story
    Once Buddha was staying at a village.A man came to Buddha and said ," You only talk of salvation and moksha. Every man can get salvation but why doesn't he get it ?"
    Buddha smiled and said," Dear friend, I will respond to your query but first you do one thing for me.You must go to village and ask each and every member, that what is it that they want to get.What is their wish and whatever they want to get in life. Please note it down and bring it to me."
     The man followed the instruction of Buddha and asked each and every resident of village,what was his desire in his life. Everybody told their wishes and the man noted it down.He came back to Buddha and then Buddha asked him," Now you tell me,how many people are interested in salvation and nirvana?" The man was astonished as nobody wanted Nirvana or moksha.
     Buddha said," Oh my dear friend,I do say that everybody can get nirvana but I never said that everybody wants nirvana.If a person doesn't want to purse a thing, it can't be handed over to him forcefully. You have to work on your own salvation nobody else can do it for you."

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