buddha teaching

buddha teaching

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eight path of Buddha

   Eight path of Buddha
Eight path of buddha

1.Right view        -      Right way to think about life is to see the world through the
                                    eyes of Buddha with wisdom and compassion .Having Buddha
                                    eyes means seeing everybody as self only.
2.Right thought       -     We are what we think. Clear and kind thoughts build good
                                    strong characters .
3. Right speech        -   By speaking kind and helpful words , we are respected and
                                    trusted by everyone.
4. Right conduct       -  No matter what we say, others know us from the way we
                                   behave. Before we criticize anyone , we should first see what
                                   we do ourselves.
5. Right Livelihood    - This means choosing a job that does not hurt anybody. Buddha
                                   said” Do not earn your living by harming others. Do not seek
                                   happiness by making others unhappy,”

6. Right effort            - A worthwhile life means doing our best at all times and having
                                    good will toward others. This also means not wasting effort on
                                    things that harm ourselves and others.

7. Right mindfulness   - This means being aware of our thoughts , words and deeds.
                                         May buddha eyes show us the way to right mindfulness.

8. Right concentration- Focus on one thought or objects at a time. By doing this
                                   we can be quiet and attain true of mind.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

About Buddha

Buddha,The Enlightened One
Gautam buddha was born in Lumbini ,presently in Nepal.He was born in royal family to king Suddhodhana,ruler of kapilavastu but He set out for a spiritual journey leaving all the worldly pleasures behind.Inspite of the fact that the father brought him up with luxurious surrounding away from cares and worries of world.Three cruel sites of old age,disease and death convinced him of the futilty of worldly pleasures.He resolved to seek the true knowledge which could end suffering of mankind. At the age of 29 he left behind his home and his family in his quest for salvation and true knowledge.He wandered in search of truth and practiced rigid austerities but nothing could satisfy him.He realised that self mortification was not the means to enlightenment.