buddha teaching

buddha teaching

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to be happy in life

     As a follower of Buddha ,I feel being happy in life is essential to a person.The Great one has formulated some of essentials for us mortals to follow.As per The Enlightened One,The world is full of suffering.This suffering has a cause which must be eliminated before suffering can be abolished.The cause of suffering is attachment.The passion for things for relationships and passion to dream excessively.
     So reiterating what Buddha says is, follow the middle path of living.Don't be extremist in your approach because loads of passion causes pain and suffering.See things with a vision of detachment,do things which you are supposed to do and never be obsessed with anything.
     The five percepts are important to a Buddhist to live a happy life
1.Do not steal what is not rightfully yours.
2.Don't harm any living being.
3.Don't indulge in unchaste behavior.
4.Don't indulge in telling lies.
5.Don't indulge in intoxicating drugs or alcohol.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Buddha story-betrayal of the saviour

    Long ago in a village called Kashigram lived a farmer.He used to work hard and work in his fields with his bulls.Once after a heavy work session on the field,he decided to rest for sometime.He freed his bulls from the plough and let them graze the grass.He rested under a tree to relax a bit. After sometime the farmer realized that his bulls had disappeared.The bulls entered the forest as they grazed the fields.
     As the day was still bright ,the farmer thought of getting back his bulls back from the forest.The farmer walked into the forest.The forest was dense and the sun light became dim through the thick foliage of forest.The farmer kept searching is bulls but he could trace them.Soon he realized that he has lost the way to his field.He was hungry and tired.He saw a tree laden with delicious fruits ,so he climbed the tall tree .Suddenly his foot slipped and he came down to the ground with a thud from the tall tree.A fall that could kill a man but the farmer survived the fall.He kept there lying down for ten days.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lord Buddha story- Killed by an arrow

Buddha story
Lord Buddha used to roam through out India and used to meet so many scholars and different teachers.He would guide them to become more happy and wiser. Sometimes they would ask him abstract questions which had no practical implications in life like what happens when the soul dies.To explain the fruitlessness of such topics Buddha would recite them a story about a Young man.
      Once a young man was struck by a poisonous arrow.He bled profusely and was lying on the ground, suffering from the extreme pain.People rushed to help him some offered him water, some offered help to remove the arrow and some wanted to apply some medicine so that bleeding could stop.But the wounded young man stopped everybody."Don't dare touch me ,first tell me who shot this arrow? From where did this arrow come?"

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dhamma-cakka-pavattana sutta

Dhammacakkapavattana sutta  (The foundation of the kingdom of righteousness)

1.Evam me sutam : Ekam samayam Bhagava Baranasiyam viharati Isipatane Migadaye.

  ( English Translation)
   Thus have I heard: Once the Blessed One was sojourning near Banares,at Isipitana,in
   the Deer park.

2. Tatra kho Bhagava pancavaggiye bhikkhu amantesi.Dve'me bhikkhave anta pabba-
     jitena na sevitabba.Katame dve ?

    (Then the Blessed One addressed the company of five bhikkhus.'Bhikkhus,these two
     extremes should not be followed by one who has gone out from home to homeless
     life.What two'?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Buddha purnima

      Buddha purnima is also known as Buddha jayanti.This day symbolises the three important events in the life of Gautama Buddha.On this very day Siddhartha was born to King Suddhodana.On this auspicious  day Siddharatha transformed into Buddha with attainment of Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.At the age of 80 years Buddha left his body to attain nirvana on this day only.That is why,this day which comes on full moon of Vaiskh month holds a special place in hearts of buddhists.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Buddha story-Meaning of Bhikkhu

     Once Buddha was staying at Savatti. A brahmin with the name of Panchangya-dayaka questioned Gautama,'Oh! Gautama ,why do you call your students,Bhikkhu ?What is the meaning of Bhikku and how can one become Bhikkhu?
     Buddha answered him,'O brahmin,I do call my students as Bhikkhu but Bhikkhu doesn't mean beggar.The word Bhikkhu stands for him, in whom all imperfections have been conquered.The person is devoid of desire and ambition.One who doesn't wishes for money,fame,position.One who has over- powered his sense organs.