buddha teaching

buddha teaching

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to be happy in life

     As a follower of Buddha ,I feel being happy in life is essential to a person.The Great one has formulated some of essentials for us mortals to follow.As per The Enlightened One,The world is full of suffering.This suffering has a cause which must be eliminated before suffering can be abolished.The cause of suffering is attachment.The passion for things for relationships and passion to dream excessively.
     So reiterating what Buddha says is, follow the middle path of living.Don't be extremist in your approach because loads of passion causes pain and suffering.See things with a vision of detachment,do things which you are supposed to do and never be obsessed with anything.
     The five percepts are important to a Buddhist to live a happy life
1.Do not steal what is not rightfully yours.
2.Don't harm any living being.
3.Don't indulge in unchaste behavior.
4.Don't indulge in telling lies.
5.Don't indulge in intoxicating drugs or alcohol.

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  1. I love how you summarize some great teachings. Yes, the middle path. This is what I talk to folks about in psychotherapy ALL the time. For my own self and my own practice, again and again I come back to this simple but profound way of journeying in this life -- finding balance, returning to the "middle path." AND giving myself lots of kindness for when I notice "oh, Lisa, you've been waaaay over on one side or the other...come back to the middle!"

    1. Thank you Lisa for your kind words.I too think that finding right balance is essential in life.As some one said guitar strings if too lose will not produce music and if too tight will break.So we need right tension in wire to make music.