buddha teaching

buddha teaching

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lord Buddha story- Killed by an arrow

Buddha story
Lord Buddha used to roam through out India and used to meet so many scholars and different teachers.He would guide them to become more happy and wiser. Sometimes they would ask him abstract questions which had no practical implications in life like what happens when the soul dies.To explain the fruitlessness of such topics Buddha would recite them a story about a Young man.
      Once a young man was struck by a poisonous arrow.He bled profusely and was lying on the ground, suffering from the extreme pain.People rushed to help him some offered him water, some offered help to remove the arrow and some wanted to apply some medicine so that bleeding could stop.But the wounded young man stopped everybody."Don't dare touch me ,first tell me who shot this arrow? From where did this arrow come?"

      "Oh ,young man you can find that afterwards ,first let me tend to your wounds."said a fellow traveler who wished to help him.
       " No,don't touch me,tell me did anyone see anybody trying to kill me?I want to know what kind of arrow has been shot in my back.?Is it copper or iron?Can anybody tell me?"his questions were endless but he was bleeding profusely.The people surrounding him could not do anything and saw the man bleed to death.
        The same thing happens if a person does not tender to his immediate concerns and is carried away by abstract fruitless questions and pursuits.

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