buddha teaching

buddha teaching

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lord Buddha - Story what buddha taught

      A bhikkhu after taking subject of meditation from Buddha was practising meditation in an old garden.A woman of doubtful character came into the garden and saw the bhikkhu in deep contemplation.No one else was present in the garden so she said to herself,"Here is a man,I will ruin his meditation and corrupt his thoughts."So she stood in front of the monk and took down her undergarment many times and put it on again.She unloosened her hair and bound it again.She laugh and giggled.The monk became excited,his whole body shivered with excitement,"What is happening"thought he.
   The Buddha said to himself."I gave the monk a subject of meditation and he went forth to perform his meditation.How is he doing."Still remaining seated in his monastery,Buddha saw that woman and observed her evil behaviour and perceiving that her evil conduct was upsetting the monk,He spoke as follows."Monk,there is no delight who seek after their lust but where people are free from passion,that place is full of delight'".So saying he sent forth a radiant image of himelf and instructed the monk in Dhamma.The monk attained the sainthood.

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