buddha teaching

buddha teaching

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Buddha story -Build your nest

     Once in the dark forest of Himalaya lived a beautiful couple of two birds who perched on the high branch of a tree.They would play and eat all day and were happily leading their lives.As the winters approached the female bird was worried about the coldness in the weather at night.The male bird said"Darling I would build a cosy and warm nest tommorow so that you dont have to suffer in future".
     As the sun rose in the morning the birds forgot about the nest and kept playing in the sky and eating insects enjoying the warmth of the sun.At night the female bird complained of the cold and the male assured her that in the morning he would bring the cosy grass and build their nest.In the morning again they played all day long and enjoyed the pleasures of life.
     Again at night the female bird was suffering from cold and shivered like anything but the male bird again promised her that nest would be build in the day.The female bird struggled throughout the night but she could not bear anymore and passed away.The nest was never built and the male bird kept seeing his dead partner.
    The female bird could have lived longer if they had built their nest at the right time.The Buddha told his story to his disciples to make them realise that those who spend their life enjoying only material pleasures cant help themselves or others.

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