buddha teaching

buddha teaching

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Buddhist caves in India

       The Buddhists were the pioneers in excavation of rock cut temples in India.They excavated largest number of caves in this place.Even today there are 1200 Buddhist caves in India.Most of these  are present in maharastra.All these caves were excavated with with primitive tools like hammer and chisel.Buddha statues are allover the place here.
Ajanta caves-Buddhist architecture
      The Ajanta caves are located in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra.The images are cut from the stones at the site.The images of Buddha and his previous birth is depicted in these caves.The monks of these region crafted these statues with hammer and chisel.The stories from jataka are seen on the walls of the caves.Buddha is shown subduing the elephant Nalagiri sent by people jealous of The enlightened one.Various postures of Buddha can be seen.

                                                                       Ajanta caves

                                                                   Ellora caves

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