buddha teaching

buddha teaching

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aim of buddhism

                         Buddhism aims at the discovery and study of man's innerworld,ethical,spiritual,psychological and intellectual world.Buddhism is a spiritual and psychological discipline,that deals with man as a whole.It is a way of life a path to follow and practice.It teaches man to moral and ethical character,discipline his mind and how to obtain wisdom to realize the Ultimate Truth,Nirvana.It teaches man to abstain from doing evil and practice good with purified mind.Buddhism consists not only of study and knowledge but also practice and realization of Truth.These are the three pillars on which Buddhist philosophy stands.Knowledge without practice is fruitless and condemned.
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It means a group,a community or society.It has now become a traditional word for buddhist monks.Triple gem are inter related.Every buddhist has to take refuge in triple gem.Buddha - Dhamma - Sangha.Sangha practices Dhamma which follows the footsteps of Buddha.Sangha is a community of those who have realised the truth.Dhamma can only be explained by those who have realised it.Sangha makes us understand the words of Buddha and therefore Sangha is worthy of respect.

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